Dear Nora,

Each day, you are becoming more interesting, more of an infant and less of a newborn. Don’t get me wrong – I loved you as a newborn. I spent most of my days just holding you and talking to you, and I will treasure that time always. But you as an infant is much more fun. You observe, react, and respond in a way that shows me that there’s a little person in there.

For example, just last weekend you have learned to cough. This isn’t a symptom of illness. (We’ve checked your temperature a couple of times.) This is you realizing that you can use your vocal cords in a whole new way. So you play on your play mat and cough to yourself, because you can.

You also have become much more interested in our faces. You reach out and touch our lips when we read to you. You grab onto your daddy’s beard. You pet the side of my face. You stick your little fingers in our noses. I think this is your way of figuring out how faces work.

You’re still pretty obsessed with our hands. In fact, you sleep best during naps and at night if you have your little hand curled around one of our fingers. This is most often Daddy’s finger, but sometimes at night, I slip my finger into your hand. Even in your sleep, you tighten your fingers around mine.

Speaking of naps, you went through a mini-sleep regression this month. You had a harder time settling down for naps for about two weeks, which was a little hard on us. Luckily, this week you seem to be coming out of it. You take naps about every two hours, for anywhere between fifteen minutes and an hour. You most often nap in Daddy’s Balboa Sling. But a few times this month, you slept next to Daddy on the bed, during your nap.

You’re on the brink of two big physical milestones: sitting up and rolling over. You’re much better at sitting up, right now. You can sit independently for a few seconds at a time. For rolling over, you can push over (tummy to back) when you’re wedged onto a pillow. But, if you’re lying flat on a surface, you just try to push and get frustrated. When you’re on your back, you can rock to either side and you can almost make it to your tummy, but not quite. I think by the end of next month you’ll have figured it out.

This month, we had two big events. The first was that you got your very first hotel stay. We had to repair water damage in the kitchen and living room ceiling, so we took you and the kitties to an “extended stay” style hotel to live for two days. It was right across from the Mall of America, and yet, we never visited the mall while we were at the hotel. What was most interesting to me is that even though you were with us, you seemed to sense that this wasn’t your house. You were a little harder to settle down and a little out of sorts while we were there. Said, our younger cat, also felt the same way. He followed us around wherever we went (in the two room space) and kept waiting for something bad to happen.

The second event was much more fun. My friend Casey’s family threw us a baby shower. They gave us some really awesome books, including my new favorite, Beautiful Oops. I can’t wait until you’re old enough to play with the pop-out features of the book on your own. They also gave us some cute clothes in a bigger size – which you’re going to fit in before we know it.

That was our month, little girl. We had some adventures and a lot of fun together. I cannot wait to see what your next month holds!