Dear Nora,

I cannot believe how quickly seven months can pass. Whenever I see a pregnant woman or a woman with a newborn, I remember so clearly how it felt. I can still feel the weight of carrying you in my body, the fear and joy of holding you when you were just born. But that was so long ago, seven whole months. In those seven months, you’ve transformed into a loving and joyful infant.

Our biggest milestone in the past month is that you started eating solid foods. We’ve decided to do baby-led weaning, which means that you get to start with softened finger foods, rather than pureed baby food. At first, you didn’t understand what this food thing was all about. Even though you were grabbing food off of our plates, once you got the food, you didn’t really know what to do with it. If any happened into your mouth, you would get a completely perplexed look on your face. Daddy and I got concerned that getting you to eat solid food was going to take a while. But then, we discovered red peppers. You love red peppers! Maybe it was the color, or maybe the flavor, but you loved to put them into your mouth. After you realized that red peppers were good, your palate quickly expanded to sweet potato, white potato, avocado, broccoli, asparagus, and black beans. You still aren’t sold on banana, but Daddy has found that if he feeds you banana by hand, that you like it. I cannot wait to introduce you to more and more foods each day.

Another big milestone that you’ve reached is rolling over…sort of. You’ve never liked your tummy, so it’s been difficult to encourage your rolling. But lately, when you’ve been sitting up, you fold yourself over with your head between your legs, and then roll over on your back. When you’re on the changing table, you roll side to side and reach for things, turning three-quarters to your tummy. Darn it, I’m calling that rolling over. It achieves the same purpose, after all.

Finally, you’ve just been growing more and more interesting (and interested) as you get older. You laugh more, smile more, and engage more in the world around you. You’re really into playing, especially with blocks that you can bang together and pretty much anything that makes a sound. It’s fun to watch you play!

Our big event of the month was that you got to meet your Uncle Alex and his girlfriend Sarah. I was so excited to see my brother and have him meet you! He had a good time trying to get you to growl, but you didn’t humor him. (It’s too bad, because you’ve been growling a lot in the past month.) We only got to spend a day and a half with Alex and Sarah, but it was still a lot of fun!

Nora, it was a wonderful month to share with you and Daddy. I cannot wait to share the next one with you. I love you!