Dear Nora,

Last year, when I was pregnant with you (but barely showing) I attended the May Day Parade with my good friend Kate and your dad. At one point, Kate said to me, “Just think, next year, you can take the Spawn to this parade.” I immediately agreed and then realized that I would have a seven month old baby during the parade. It seemed unreal and so far away.

Well, this month, we went to the parade together. Back then, it felt like you were a figment of my imagination. You hadn’t made your presence known. Now, I live with your presence every day and carry you, either in my arms or in my thoughts. (Sometimes even both at the same time!) I’m still adjusting to the constancy of your presence.

This month, you’ve hit an important milestone. You’ve grown teeth! Right now, you have two teeth that are easy to see: your front left bottom and front left top tooth. They hang over each other, so you look kind of lopsided. Their neighbors, front right bottom and front right top, should break through this week. Even though you are still a wonderful baby to be around, teething has made you a little difficult. You are cranky, which is pretty rare for you. And you bite on everything: your hands and feet, any toy or object we put in front of you, and (unfortunately) me and Daddy. You bite when we hold you and you bite when you nurse. We know that you must be in a lot of pain and so we are patiently enduring your cranky biting behaviors. But Daddy and I cannot wait for a little respite from the teething fun.

Your second big milestone is related to your sleep. For the first six and a half months of your life, you slept in your daddy’s arms at night and in a baby carrier or car seat for naps. I am excited to say that you are now sleeping some of the night in a crib that we’ve attached to our bed *and* you are taking about two thirds of your naps in the same crib. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is huge for your Daddy and me. It means that we can lay you down to bed at night and then spend a little time together or a little time on chores before going to bed. During the day, Daddy can nap with you or get work done, which is important since he teaches until late at night. Now if only your teething wasn’t keeping you up…

Your last big milestone is that you are developing a sense of humor. You’ve been laughing for quite some time now, but it’s normally in relation to being tickled. But now, you can laugh at situations. I can make funny faces or sounds and you laugh! The other day,you were grumpy about being in the car seat, so you took your binky and threw it in a very grumpy manner. I took it from you, made a grumpy face, and pretended to throw it too. You started laughing hysterically. So, for the rest of the ride home, I did some grumpy throwing and we laughed together. You also laugh when we play peekaboo with my sheer scarves. Your sense of humor makes you seem so much like a older child and less like a baby, which is so much fun.

Our big event for the month is that Grandma Jean and Grandpa Marvin came up to visit you. This was the first time that you’ve seen Grandma Jean since the week you were born. It’s the very first time you met Grandpa Marvin. You had a lot of fun together! If I didn’t know better, I would think that you remembered Grandma Jean. You got along so well with her. You didn’t cry at all when she held you. Maybe you remembered her smell or her voice. Grandpa Marvin took lots of pictures of you to take back home to Nebraska.

That was our month, sweet pea. I wish it could go easier for you with the teething, but I know it’s a necessary part of growing. Even with the teething, I feel so lucky to be your mama. Just one of your laughs makes it all worth while.