Who are we?

Jessica Fox-Wilson is a poet, educator, and now in her mid-thirties, a brand new mother. While she has plenty of education in writing and education from pretty good schools, and lots of work experience in both, she hasn’t been around babies since she was nineteen. Until now. Her daughter, Nora, has very little education or experience in anything, which makes her happier than most people.

Laurel (whiterabbitrunning) is an educator, curriculum designer, and, like Jessica, a brand-new mother. She is in love with the outdoors (particularly the desert), Midwestern quirkiness, food (growing it, cooking it, and eating it), her family, and the messy thrill of actually living life without being overly afraid to be afraid or look stupid. Her son, Samwise, is unquestionably and delightfully hobbit-like in his eating habits, love for the outdoors, enormous feet, and small stature. She chose the name “whiterabbitrunning” for this blog because not only was it the only one she could think of that WordPress didn’t summarily dismiss as already taken, but also because she often needs to remind herself to slow down here in Wonderland.

What are we about?

The beauty of being with a newborn baby is that each day is new. Each day contains the possibility of learning new skills, experiencing new adventures, and making mistakes that will be forgotten.

The challenge in being a new parent is to be new with your child, to allow yourself to become your baby’s partner in growth and learning. This opportunity to be new is also a gift, one where you can reinvent yourself each day, in your own eyes.

Here we are, learning to be new, together.


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